Collezioni Pulix e Sulis - Museo Civico di Cabras.
Collezioni Pulix e Sulis – Museo Civico di Cabras.

The Pulix Collection, recently purchased by the Region of Sardinia and temporarily entrusted to the Museum of Cabras, was formed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with archaeological material probably found in the territories of Suelli and Tonara. The collection, which preserves artefacts of considerable interest and is representative of the context of artistic and handicraft production of the Nuragic age, is composed almost entirely from metal objects mostly in bronze, while the presence of other kinds of artifacts is very small.
The Sulis Collection consists, instead, of nearly sixty finds, mostly ceramics, from different origins and classifiable in a chronological period between prehistory and late antiquity. A study on the material was partly published in the nineties, and the artifacts were donated to the Cabras Museum by Dr. Paolo Sulis from Oristano.